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Soapbox is a weekly series delivering a curated set of lectures, talks and symposia concerning contemporary themes but explored through the archives of lectures past and present. With the plethora of lectures, talks, symposia and panels occurring world wide on a daily basis, how can we begin to keep up and if not, find them once they are gone? Soapbox looks to assemble a selection of recent, archived and outlier lectures surrounding a given theme. Soapbox looks to curate this never-ending library of ideas into an engaging and diverse list of thoughts and provocations. Soapbox is just that, a collection aimed at discovering the occasional needle in a haystack.

This week, we take a look at Neil Denari. Denari will also be launching his new monograph MASS X this week at Archinect Outpost, so make sure to come by and check it out. 

1. Neil Denari “The Same & The Different”

2. Bartlett International Lecture Series

3. Neil M. Denari: 2017 B. Arch Thesis Prep lecture

4. HERE Lecture Series: Neil Denari “X,Y,Zebra”

5. Neil Denari Judgment lecture

6. Neil M. Denari Outrageous discipline

7. Discussions in Architecture: Neil Denari with Preston Scott Cohen

8. Neil Denari – “Solutions to Problems that Don’t Exist…”

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