Does the US need a government issued BIM mandate? | News

In May 2011, the UK Government issued a mandate stating that all centrally-procured government projects must utilize “fully collaborative 3D BIM,” which produced a ripple effect in industry adoption of the technology across the region.

Some wonder if the US will follow a similar pattern by introducing nationwide regulations that mandate the use of BIM technology. Construction Dive writer Jenn Goodman tackled this in a recent article looking at the already large adoption of BIM solutions across the US.

Goodman cites remarks from Steve Jones, Senior Director of Industry Insights Research at Dodge Data & Analytics. He says, “Theoretically, Congress could pass a law requiring BIM on all federally funded projects, but our research suggests that in the U.S., we are past the point in BIM maturity where we’d see a big gain from a federal mandate.”

Goodman also covers the initiatives put forth by buildingSMART alliance with the National BIM Standard-United States (NBIMS-US), which aims to provide consistency for BIM use across the US.

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