Gensler launches Blox, an algorithm-powered design visualization and computation tool | News

Screenshot courtesy of Gensler

Global architecture firm Gensler has launched a new digital design tool that aims to supercharge design workflows by “combining information metrics and geometry form finding.”

The tool, named Blox, is part of the firm’s inFORM suite of “internally developed proprietary products” created to help propel the firm’s overall design capabilities. A LinkedIn post published by Joseph Joseph, Partner and Global Director, Design Technology Studio at Gensler, highlights the new technology, which was developed through the Gensler Research Institute initiative.

Joseph writes, “We believe that our craft as designers is founded on these superpowers that are innately human and irreplaceable by technology. As such, we believe that we stand to gain significantly by combining our human superpowers with compute cognition to achieve our infinite possibilities thus elevating our value to a much higher purpose in the world.”

According to the post, Blox can help designers develop massing designs that include programmatic designations at the master plan scale while also offering preliminary budget estimates for construction, parking, and other project elements, among the tool’s many capabilities.

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